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General Conditions

of Access and Use of the  Villo!

Who manages the Villo! network?

Villo! is a public service concession that has been conceded by the Region of Brussels Capital to JCDecaux following a public bid. JCDecaux owns the bicycles and the docking stations and is responsible for the exploitation. The system is mainly financed by advertising and user revenues.

What are the jobs provided by JCDecaux with regards to Villo ?

There are people active in the field:
•Cleaning agent
•Maintenance agent
•Regulating agent
•Bicycle mechanic
and there is a call center with account managers to answer the calls.

Are the General Conditions of Access and Use obligatory?

The long term and short term subscribers have to accept the General Conditions of Access and Use (GCAU). These inform you about your rights and obligations when you make use of the service.

What is the minimum age to use Villo! ?

You can use Villo! as of the age of 14 years (minimum height: 1,50m). 14 to 18 year olds have to have the form for a long term subscription filled in by their guardian. This person commits him/herself to respecting the General Conditions of Access and Use and ensures compliance.

Do I need to be insured?

If you want to make use of Villo! you need a liability insurance.

Why is a bond required when hiring a bicycle? In what way does the bond provide a guarantee?

The bond allows us to hold the user liable, to avoid theft and loss of bicycles and to encourage users to return their bike to a docking station within 24 hours’ time. If the bicycle is not returned within 24 hours, the bond will be charged to your account.
The long term users (subscribers) will find the bond has no impact on the bank account unless the bicycle is not returned. If you are hiring the bicycle for a short time, the amount of the bond of €150 will be blocked on your account (Bancontact/Maestro) or on your (Mastercard/Visa). The amount will not be withdrawn but the user will have no access to it within the duration of the bond (one to two weeks, depending on the bank).
If the user fails to comply with the General Conditions of Access and Use of the Villo! service, the amount of the bond can be charged to your account partially or in full.
In order to hire a bicycle for a short term, you need to ensure that a sufficient balance is available in your account (>150€).

Am I only entitled to 30 free minutes once or do I get them on every trip?

Every time you take out a Villo from a Villo! station, the first 30 minutes of your trip are free. If the 30 free minutes have passed, then the cost of your usage, calculated according to the rate card, will be debited to your account. The rates of usage are the same for short and long term users.

How do I pay for my usage once the free half hour has passed?

*Long term subscription
The cost of usage will be taken out of your account the moment the total cost of the client exceeds 10 euros (annual subscription fee, total cost of usage exceeding 10 euros,...).
* Short term subscription
The cost of the services is debited to your bank account when your subscription for 1 or 7 days is about to expire.

Can I hire a bicycle for several days?

The public service bicycles have been developed to make short transfers. The docking stations are spread out at distances of 450 meters to make them easily accessible so you can hire and return a bicycle anytime you like. The maximum time of usage allowed is 24 hours.



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