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If you have questions or you encounter problems while using Villo! you can contact us:


Phone sans bord gauche


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Allée Verte 56 - 1000 Bruxelles


Or you can take a look at our FAQ.


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General Conditions

of Access and Use of the  Villo!

How can I renew my yearly subscription?

Unless otherwise expressly stated in a letter sent to (Allée Verte 56, 1000 Brussels) one month prior to the expiry date of the subscription, it will be automatically renewed every year. You can hold on to the same card in the following year.
When your credit card has been renewed you will receive an e-mail requesting the number of your new credit card and the new expiry date in case it has changed.

I lost my subscription number?

Your subscription number is the number of your Villo! subscription, it is right on the back of your card and on the welcome letter. Please contact the call center at 078/05.11.10 if you have lost the number.

Why haven't I received my long term subscription card yet?

Your request is being processed: you will receive a letter together with your long term subscription card. It might take up to two weeks to process your request and send the card to your address.

How does the network of "bonus" stations work?

There are 61 so-called "bonus stations" in the Villo! network. Every time you return a Villo! to one of these 61 stations (providing your Villo! is not originally from another bonus station) , you receive 10 bonus points equaling 10 free minutes of transfer.
You will receive these 10 free minutes on your account. You can accumulate them and they will be deducted from the bicycle transfers exceeding the free half hour.
For administrative reasons, the bonus point system is only reserved for yearly subscribers.



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