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General Conditions

of Access and Use of the  Villo!

I can't dock my bicycle. What should I do?

When you are docking your bicycle, you need to await the signals confirming that your bicycle has been docked correctly (short beep and green light). Contact the call centre ( if you notice that your bike has not been locked properly.

How does the anti-theft system work?

Inside your basket is an anti-theft system which you can use in case you wish to make short stops. Push the end of the system in the lock and take out the key. Insert the key again to unlock. The key will automatically open up the lock.
In case of longer stops, it is better to return your bicycle to the nearest docking station to lock it safely. You can take out another bicycle whenever you need one.

How can I stay informed about the status of the network?

To have an overview of the status of the Villo! network, you can use the means that are at your disposal: the terminals at the stations show a map indicating the availability in all the stations (number of bicycles and free docking stations). You can also find this information on the website With the mobile app AllBikesNow, you can check this information wherever you are, using your smartphone/i-Phone/Blackberry. During you transfers you can use the cycling panels as a guide. You will see them on some of the JCDecaux billboards.
To know the closing dates of the stations due to maintenance works, the opening hours of the stations, check our Facebook page:

Is it possible to install a baby seat on a bicycle?

Yes, if it can be attached to the saddle. Villo! is not equipped with luggage racks.

Why is this equipment not offered upon hire?

The Villo! bicycle has not been developed as a commercial bicycle. This bicycle was developed for hire so it does not come with accessories. That is why there is no baby seat or any other equipment offered upon hire.

How are the bicycles distributed over the stations?

This is controlled in two different ways. On the one hand it happens naturally by the users who hire and return bicycles regularly. On the other hand, the regulation agents redistribute the bicycles if the stations are empty or full. They intervene more often at the stations that are frequently used.



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